Cafes de El Salvador

Last week we received a shipment of coffees from El Salvador that we’re all really excited about. We’re usually excited about new coffees, but this one marks our first ever directly purchased lot, where we got to travel and experience the journey of the coffee from seed to cup, as well as the people and passion that brings it here. 

Ernesto Menendez is a man whose passion is responsible for the beautiful coffees of fincas Las Brumas, Alaska, La Ilusión, and Los Andes. He is a certified Q grader, cup of excellence award-winning producer, and producer of the coffee that Alejandro Mendez used to win the 2011 World Barista Championships. 

This spring, we got the opportunity to be in El Salvador and expand our coffee knowledge by tasting coffees with Ernesto and going to some of his farms.

We’re extremely proud to be able to carry coffees from Las Brumas, as well as Ernesto’s Grand Reserve, the cream of the crop, and cascara from across the four farms.

Cascara is a tea brewed from the dried and removed skin/pulp of the coffee fruit. It brews a very pleasant tea with a honey-like sweetness, and fruit aroma. We will be selling it behind the bar as a tea, as well as part of a gift package with the Las Brumas coffee. Look for it to be released soon! 

~ Kyle

Discovery James Bay

With the new James Bay location only days away here’s a little sampler of what you’ll see.

Thank you everyone for your continuous and encouraging support. We’re almost there.

See you soon on the corner of Menzies and Michigan, James Bay.

PARTAAAAY! Friday Aug 26th!

You’re all invited to our For the Love of Coffee Welcome Party.

Victorian food tour for travelling foodies

For all you foodies from around the globe coming to Victoria, BC for the For the Love of Coffee show/Western Region Barista Championship here are some of our favourite places to eat and drink -

Red Fish Blue Fish - 1006 Wharf Street, Downtown.

Hours - Mon-Sun 11:30am to 7pm

An absolute must! Delicious fish tacones, fresh seafood, fish burgers, deep fried pickle. Amazing!

Hernandez Cocina -735 Yates St

Hours - Mon-Sat 11:30(ish) to 9pm

Amazing burritos, tacos and other Mexican delights. The powers bars are to die for!

Pig BBQ Joint - 1325 Blanshard St, Downtown.

Hours - Mon-Sun 11am to 10pm

The name really says it all, but pulled pork sandwiches, pulled pork poutine, corn dogs, corn bread and beer. Perfect if you’re overcaffeinated.

Bubby Rose’s Bakery - 1022 Cook St

For the most delicious cinnamon buns, peanut butter choc chip cookies, apples yums and anything else your baked goods heart desires. This place is the most perfect combo of Jewish North American food. A short drive up Cook St is Bubby’s Kitchen, perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Pizzeria PrimaStrada -230 Cook St, Cook St Village

Hours - 11:30am to 10pm

Pizza, pizza, pizza! Imported Italian floor and fresh, local ingerients.

Mo:le - 554 Pandora Ave, Downtown.

Hours - Mon-Fri 8am to 3pm, Sat-Sun 8am to 4pm

The best pesto potatoes in town! This place is great for basic breakfast but also has tasty fancy delicacies. Great for vegans and vegetarians.

The Village - 2518 Estevan Ave, Oak Bay.

Hours - Mon-Sun 8am to 3:30pm

"Blending traditional Jewish breakfast dishes and West Coast breakfast favorites"

Definitely worth the drive for amazing Bennies, omelettes, latkes, blintzes, sandwiches and desserts. A breakfast must!

Costa Rica Coffea Suarez - our very first microlot.

We’re thrilled to have received our first shipment of this coffee. It is our very first, very own microlot.

This coffee comes from the Suarez family. They own a beautiful farm in Grecia, Alajuela region of Costa Rica. This coffee is 90% Caturra and 10% Catuai varieties, grown at 1596 metres above sea level. Grown in fertile soil formed from volcanic ash this coffee will be juicy and fruitful.

We look forward to sharing a cup of it with you. Stay tuned for its release.

James Bay updates…we have floors and walls and skylights and everything!

Farmer to consumer - bridging the gap

Over the last couple of months a few of us had the amazing experience of spending time in Central America visiting coffee farms. We have many stories to share with you and will soon host an evening to bring everyone together. For now, check out our Facebook page to see some photos

Kyle got to hang out in Costa Rica, you can read more about that here.

John and Anya spent some time in El Salvador and we were able to establish some great relationships with producers and we hope to be working more closely with them in the coming months. We have a much better understanding of how to create a balanced relationship with farmers where, very importantly, they’re able to maintain a sustainable and high quality product as well as a safe, happy community and we bring you delicious coffee.

We are so honoured and grateful to have gotten the opportunity to learn from these amazing people without whom we wouldn’t have this wonderful product that not only tastes great but brings people together.

We aim to help bridge the gap between farmer and consumer by continuing to educate ourselves and sharing our knowledge with you. This is Discovery Coffee’s first steps in a new and very excited direction.

Our first harvest!

Meet Hank…

Hank was our first ever coffee tree and he’s finally flowering and growing cherries!

3 cherries! Count ‘em! 3!

See kids, this is why it’s so important to water your plants.

Pamenar. Kensigton Markets, Toronto. We’re proud to be working with these awesome people. Pop by and say hi!

Discovery James Bay

Discovery James Bay